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Soap Pockets

Nothing goes to waste at Casco Bay Soap Co.!  

Misshapen bars of our soaps are shredded and added to our Laundry Detergent, we offer soap ends for sale in bulk, have soap slivers available as samples (they go out with every order) and we send several dozen pounds of soap to the Clean The World Organization (read more about them here) and now we started making these little terry Soap Pockets that come filled with soap bits and pieces.  

Super easy to use!  Just wet the Soap Pocket, squeeze and massage it a bit to get some lather built up and use.  Each Soap Pocket has an envelop type closure on the back (see green Soap Pocket in photo) so you can easily refill with a full sized bar or purchase some of our soap ends to tuck inside.

Filled with an assortment, bits + pieces of our great 100% vegetable based soaps.  Colors of cloth vary, let us choose one for you.  For best use: try to squeeze it out a bit and let dry between uses. 

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