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Dryer Sachets

*We are discontinuing this product
This lovely Eco-Friendly Dryer Sachet makes wonderful gift.  Pair one with our Laundry Detergent, add to gift baskets, tie them on packages, or keep for yourself!
Re-usable, long lasting & Eco-friendly. Each sachet works great as drawer/closet/camping/room sachet once they've completed their laundry life.
Our dryer sachets provide a gentle, delicate herbal fragrance as they tumble right along with your clean laundry. Unlike chemically treated dryer sheets, our natural sachets do not impart a strong perfume onto your load. Rather, you will enjoy a subtle fragrance. No additional oils are added, to prevent harm to your clothing.  Our dryer sachets are VEGAN.  Did you know that often commercial dryer sheets are coated with animal fats?  Shocking, yes!

The Details:
You will receive 1 muslin sachets and 1 slightly larger organza bag.
Each muslin sachet is approximately 3” x 4” in size.  On occasion, the muslin bags could open, or break open due to tumbling. This is what the extra organza bag is for. Simply place the muslin bag inside the organza bag to prevent herbs/spices from sneaking out.
Each dryer sachet is filled with approximately one half cup blend of dried herbs and a touch of rice. Rice adds some weight to the sachet, allowing it to tumble around better in the dryer.

Each sachet can be used about a 10-12 times each..

While these sachets will not help eliminate static cling, like the commercial laundry sheets do, if you have a static problem in your laundry, adding vinegar to your wash may help.

Lavender ~ Lovely Lavender buds
Balsam ~ Wonderful balsam needles

Spice ~ Cinnamon Sticks, Cloves & Cardamom

Once a sachet's scent begins to fade, you don't have to throw it away! They still smell lovely, and would lightly scent a drawer or small closet. Or, you can recharge the scent with a few drops of lavender or cinnamon essential oils, and continue to use them in your dryer.


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