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    The Casco Bay Soap Co. Story top

    The Casco Bay Soap Co. story:

    I went from working in the corporate world as the Senior Photo Stylist for a major discount chain of stores to unemployment when the company went out of business. Always crafty and creative, I enjoyed making homemade paper, knitting, sewing, stained glass art, photography, cooking, baking and so much more.

    In 2004, while making a geographical change (moving to the great state of Maine with my husband) I decided I wanted to learn to make my own soap after becoming more aware of how important a healthier environment, in and out of our bodies, really is. I saw other bars of homemade soaps, and I knew that I wanted to create great bars of soap for my family and friends.   I also had been told that my Oklahoma farm boy of a grandfather had made soap on the family farm with his mother and brothers. I knew that this was something fun I wanted to try.

    I have always dove headfirst into a new craft, and not afraid to try something new. I took out books from library and scoured the internet for information. What started as a small hobby, soon grew into something more. After friends and family started buying bars of soap from me, they encouraged me to try the local Farmers Markets.
    In 2007, with an entrepreneurial spirit, I jumped into the deep end and started my own business. Starting slowly with one table at the Saturday farmers market and only 8 different types of soap, the business grew.  I now offer over 50 different types of soap as well as Laundry Detergent, Dryer Sachets, Felted Soaps and more still at farmers markets but also now wholesale to over 65+ retailers in the state of Maine and a dozen Nationwide.  I play the part of the soap maker, inventory clerk, business manager, sales staff, maintenance, web designer, label designer, blogger, and much more. Running my own business is something that I thoroughly enjoy. I am happy to produce such a great product for you and love seeing your faces and hearing your remarks on how much you love my soaps.
    My soaps are made fresh, by hand, in small batches, the old fashion way. I stir good-for-you ingredients such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Essential Oils & Herbs and more, all in a kettle. I hand cut and cure the soaps for up to 6 weeks, for a long lasting bar of soap. Then hand packaging each bar with an informative label.

    I do not use any animal products in my soaps. Casco Bay soaps are tested only by my willing family & friends, if they donít like it, I donít sell it.

    I hope you enjoy my soaps as much as my family and friends do.

    Shannon L. Grauer ~ Owner & Soap Maker Casco Bay Soap Co.

    Contact Information top

    Contact Information:

    By email:
    By standard mail:
    Please send email for this address, if needed.  Casco Bay Soap Co. location is not a public shop.

    By phone:
    207-730-3249 (between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern Time)

    How Is My Order/Credit Card Processed? top

    Your credit card is processed through PayPal which is the service Casco Bay Soap Co. uses to collect your credit card numbers, expiration date and process your funds.  They transfer funds to Casco Bay Soap Co. so we can pack and pay for postage with USPS and then ship your order out.

    Paypal is used world wide and allows you to use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express card.  You do NOT need an account with Paypal to use it.  Your card number and actually never shared with us, only on Paypal's secure website.

    Shipping Information top

    At this time, we are using USPS Priority boxes to ship all orders.  The flat rate shipping cost to you is ONLY $8.00 and will be added to any order placed on the site. 

    Where does Casco Bay Soap Co. ship orders?

    We ship our soaps anywhere in the United States.

    Orders are filled in the order of which they are received. We fill most orders within one to four business days. If there is a delay we will to notify you.

    Casco Bay Soap Co. ships packages using The United States Postal Service.
    We use USPS package tracking with all our packages.


    Refunds, Returns & Cancellations top


    Refunds and Returns:

    Due to the personal nature of our items (soap) we do not accept returns. If you are unsatisfied with your soaps, please contact us within 4 days of receiving your order, and will do our best to assist you in a replacement or refund.
    Cancellations are accepted. Please be kind and give us 7 days notice on large orders (orders over 25 bars).

    Care For Your Soap top

    Will my soap "melt" in the shower or bath?

    To be honest, yes.  But not like commercial bars.  To help prevent this, be certain to use your soaps with a well draining soap dish. This will help prevent the soap from disintegrating into a sloppy pile of goo. Soap should dry out between uses.
    Storing Soaps For Future Use:
    If storing soaps, store in a cool, dry place. A closet, a drawer will do just fine.  Fragrances will fade over time, but often the fragrance is "revived" or brought out when used in a hot shower.

    Soap With Oatmeal and Botanicals top

    Why do your put "stuff" into your soaps?

    Sometimes we add botanicals, herbs, seaweed, cornmeal, oatmeal etc. for fun, but often for a reason.
    Oatmeal for example has exfoliating and colloidal properties. For exfoliating, oatmeal flakes scrub your skin and the colloidal action of oatmeal binds moisturizing emollients to your skin so that it is softer. Oatmeal also soothes and reduces redness, itching and minor skin irritations.
    We generally add the following items to some of our soaps: Poppy Seeds, Oatmeal, Ground Apricot Shell, Calendula Petals, Rose Petals, Kelp Powder, Corn Meal, Sea Weed, Sea Salt, and Clays

    Face & Body Soap top

    Is your soap just for handwashing?

    Not at all!  I use it every night to wash my makeup off, my husband shaves with it, and it can be used at the sink, in the shower or bath. Enjoy!

    Sensitive Skin Soap top

    Do you have an suggestions for sensitive skin?

    Alot of people with sensitive skin, have a sensitivity to the chemicals in the commercial bars of soap available now. But many also have a sensitivity to the fragrance of the soaps. I would suggest starting off with any of my Unscented soap.   As for a fragranced soap, I have received positive feedback on the Oatmeal, Honey & Milk soap. Please see the Special Purpose soap page for more information on these soaps.

    What do you use to scent your soaps? top

    Do You Use Fragrance Oils & Essential Oils?
    Yes!  I use both.
    Fragrance Oils are a mix of synthetics that mimic a scent in nature or often, come up with an entirely new scent. Fragrance oils may contain up to 80% essential oils but usually are predominantly artificial. There are over 5,000 raw ingredients to choose from when making up a fragrance oil.
    It is explained well here:  
    Originally, perfumes and fragrance materials came from plants or animal sources. Finding a musk ox these days might prove difficult though. Also, there is growing concern about harvesting some raw materials, such as Sandalwood. However, in the late 1800ís the first synthetic fragrance material was produced. From here, an explosion of fragrance houses came about. Now, perfumes were no longer reserved for the rich!
    Essential Oils are some of the most amazing products of our natural world. The oils of aromatic plants have been used for centuries for both their smell and their medicinal applications. But just because something is natural doesn't mean it's good for you. Essential oils are powerful chemical compounds. They may smell wonderful...but they need to be used (both by you, the soap and candle maker, and by the people who will be using your soaps and candles,) carefully and conscientiously.
    If you are pregnant, it is warned to be extra careful with certain essential oils during your first trimester.
    Both Fragrance and Essential oils could cause skin sensitivity or irritation in the end user.  As with any new product, test on a small area of your skin for sensitivity first. 
    So, I use both Fragrance AND Essential Oils in my soaps.   All my Fragrance Oils are tested, skin safe and are from a very reputable supplier.  All my Essential Oils are also tested, skin safe and from a very reputable supplier.  I use both responsibly and carefully in my soap making following usage guidelines. 
    Just ask if you only want Essential Oils, I can point out which soaps those are.

    How many fragrances do you have? top

    Can you tell me ALL of the soap fragrances that you make? 
    I can try!  While I do make well over 50 different types of soap, I do not have them all in stock at the same time.  I have seasonal fragrances that I make just for summer or for fall, so they are around for only a limited amount of time.  I also have some soaps that I make just to try something new and creative and they make a short appearance at the Farmers Market or here on the website.  If they sell fast and are popular, I may add them to my list of regulars. 
    In Stock And (Should Be!) Available All The Time - "Classics"
    Berried Treasure
    Blueberry Cream
    Day At The Beach
    Eastern White Cedar
    Sea Mist
    Sea Shore Scrub
    Lake Side
     Maine Oats + Honey
    Maine Pine
    Mermaids Garden
    New England Cranberry
    Northwoods Trail
    Spring Lilac
    Summertime Citrus Scrub
    Walk in the Woods
    Wind + Water
    Wild Sea Rose
    Oatmeal, Honey & Milk
    Summertime Citrus Scrub
    Gardeners Scrub
    Kitchen Scrub
    Shaving Soaps (many different fragrances)
    Plain Maine (Unscented)
    Plain Maine With Oats (Unscented With Oatmeal)
    Limited Editions (soaps I make when I Have extra time)
    Pink Grapefruit
    Sweet Almond
    Peppermint Oatmeal
    Maine Meadow
    Sweet Grass
    Lemongrass & Lavender
    Peppermint & Rosemary
    Vanilla Mint
    Sea "Glass"
    Seasonal Fragrances
    Autumn Apple
    Pumpkin Spice
    Cinnamon & Oats
    Christmas In Maine
    Star Anise
    Sleigh Ride
    New England Bayberry
    Peppermint Twist
    Jack Frost
    Winter Solstice
    Lily of the Valley
    If you see something on this list that you really want and I don't have in stock, I am happy to make and fill an order of two dozen or more anytime you wish.   I have a schedule that I follow for production and it will require some advance notice or waiting time on your part.

    Maine Made? top

    Yes, my soap, products and recipes are all Maine made, by me, in my Durham, Maine home.  I source some local products to include in my soaps and other products.   While I can't get all my soap ingredients from Maine (Olive Oil from Maine? Sadly, no) I use many Maine products as "add ins" for my soaps for exfoliation or skin soothing benefits.  I do purchase the bulk of my goods from a local business not too far from me.   I try to keep my purchases local and in the Maine economy when possible. 
    Sea Salt
    Sea Weed
    Goat Milk
    Rose Petals

    Corporate or Wholesale Orders top

    Do you accept corporate orders? Wholesale?

    Yes!  Please contact us. We would love to have a discussion with you.   We also have a Wholesale Page and application on the website.  Please visit the page and fill out an application if you are a retail establishment.
    We also offer bulk prices for large orders.

    Weddings, Showers or Special Events top

    Do you offer special packaging or pricing for my upcoming wedding?
    Yes!  We are happy to offer bulk pricing on our soaps and can work with you to create a special label for your event.  Please visit our page here on the site to see what we make for special events and contact us.

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