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Shaving Soap Seconds

Shaving Soap Seconds

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Shaving soaps are a small labor of love.  Unlike other batches of soap that are made in a log shaped mold, these need to be made 1 bar at at time inside a detailed mold.  Most times I have several soaps that come out of the mold having some details left behind.  They are not as pretty, but work just the same.  I have marked these down for you. Please do note, they do not come packaged in the white organza bag with a large tag as shown here.  This is how the full priced soaps are packaged.
 Here's the details on the Shaving Soap Bars:

Our Shaving Soap bars are now round and fit well in old fashioned shaving mugs (as per special request by our customers).  They are just as easy to use in your hands.

While our traditional soaps are great for shaving too (in fact, we use them everyday) we created this specific shaving soap after several customer requests.  This soap is my same great, 100% Veggie soap recipe with some added cosmetic grade clay. The clay helps give the soap extra "slip".

Simple to up soap lather in hands or with your shaving brush.  If using a brush, wet the brush and shake it off a bit, not much water is needed to get a good lather.

To prolong the life of your bar of soap, simply keep it out of a puddle of water and in a well draining soap dish.   If your shaving soap is inside a mug, you can take it out and let it dry or simply tip the mug and remove excess water.