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Beer Soap(s)
close up of bar of soap with white paper label with blue anchors and company logo on it
3 bars of soap in different shades of brown surronded by green hops

Beer Soap(s)

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Made with my same 100% vegetable oil base recipe, I add real ground Hops and a touch of fragrance.  Don't worry, you won't smell like the corner Pub after St. Patrick's Day or partying all night at a Frat House. This soap is nice and mellow. Each soap has it's own unique slant.  I offer a few different varieties and limited quantities.   See what's in stock!
Beer is known to be good for both your skin and your hair. Women would rinse their hair with beer in the late 80's to give it extra body. Hops is known to sooth irritated skin and contain skin softening amino acids.  The Hops that I add also give the soap a bit texture for exfoliation.   AND I grew these HOPS right here at my cottage in Harpswell!

Smashed Blueberry - Made with Shipyard Brewing's own HOPS sprinkled in and scented with sweet Blueberry!
Oatmeal Stout - Smooth, slightly sweet + toasty, with real oatmeal
Pumpkin Lager - Slightly sweet, seasonally spicy, cinnamon, ginger, allspice
Citrus Pale Ale - Light citrus, mellow and bright
Coffee Porter - Fresh coffee fragrance and added coffee grounds
This soap comes wrapped in an attractive and informative paper wrapper, as seen in the third picture.  To prolong the life of your bar of soap, simply keep it out of a puddle of water and in a well draining soap dish. Net weight is approximately 4 ounces