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a bowl of many misshaped bars of soap of different colors

Full Size Seconds

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I often have some soap bars that just don't pass inspection.

While I find great uses for a lot of the "seconds" ~ I offer soap ends for sale in bulk, have soap slivers available as samples (they go out with every order), offer them for sale at markets + fairs, there are still some bars left over!

If you don't need a fancy label, these soap bars are for you!  They may be simply misshapen at one end, cut a bit too small, colors faded, scratch + dent, you get the idea.  Just not great enough to sell for full price.  I am happy to offer Full Sized Seconds for sale off and on to you!  Limited amount available and not always listed here on the site, grab them while you can!

At only $2.25 per bar you can sure can stock up!  These bars come without soap and fragrance (type) labels.  You are purchasing just a single bar.  At this time, you are not able to request a specific fragrance.  It's really just Potluck.  Let us choose one (or two, or three, or four!) for you.

Remember, these are not perfect, but still great soap!