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All Hands On Deck
All Hands On Deck
a creamy white bar of soap with blue swirls sits in a silver shell shaped soap dish
close up of a creamy white bar of soap with blue swirls
a bar of soap with a paper soap label that has blue anchors on it sits in a blue glass soap dish

All Hands On Deck

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* I have sold over 75 bars since launching this! And for full, transparent disclosure I sent Maine Coast Fishermen's Association a check on February 29, 2023 for $75.00.  Thank you - many, many customers in MA & ME, plus soaps have shipped to IN, GA, CT, NY, TX, NJ, OH, VA, WI and more!  

Maine had 2 storms in less than a weeks time that forever changed the coastline and devastated the working waterfront.  The storms battered homes, ramps, businesses, wharfs, docks, fish houses, coastal property and infrastructure with record breaking high tide flooding and unbelievable winds.  Here in Harpswell, the Harpswell Neck Town Wharf was completely destroyed, Sundrenched restaurant lost their boathouse, dock and outdoor seating, at least one boat sunk, two grounded, lobstermen lost traps and there is plenty of private resident damage.

All Hands On Deck is a nautical call to action to assist with a problem.  It signifies a collective effort where everyone contributes to achieve a common goal.  This goal it to help the Harpswell working waterfront.

$1.00 from the sale of every bar of All Hands On Deck soap, will go to help the working waterfront men and women of Harpswell.  All Hands On Deck fragrance is rainy, salty mist with a touch of fresh green scents made up of basil, green leaf and ozone. Added notes of sandalwood and tonka wood round out the earthy, fresh coast like fragrance.  This is a favorite soap and great for men & women alike.  This is a white bar swirled with blue. 

You can donate directly to The Maine Coast Fishermen Association Working Waterfront Support Fund here: (You can write a note, if you want your donation to go to a specific town.  Several communities are doing this.)

"Along the coast of Maine, there is a range of working waterfront properties, varying in size and infrastructure. For example, places like Greenhead Lobster in Stonington have extensive facilities, providing lobstermen with the ability to sell their catch and access bait and fuel. On the other hand, there are also smaller working waterfront properties utilized by a handful of fishermen, mainly for storing and repairing their gear. They all play a critical role to Maine fishermen, and they were all subject to massive damage after the storms on January 10 and January 13. Some of the small wharves are completely gone.  

Right now, many lobstermen are not hauling their traps. Most of Maine’s 4500 lobstermen are state fishermen, which means that they set and haul their traps within three miles from shore. They primarily haul their lobster traps in the summer and fall and take up their gear in the winter. During the winter they will build traps and get their gear ready to set back out in the spring. Unfortunately, some lobstermen store their gear on their wharves that are either near their home or shared with a few other lobstermen. So, many lobstermen lost some of their traps during the storm. They will need to salvage what gear they can and replace the rest.

 This special soap is packaged in a white organza bag with a Thank You tag and a little, blue, felt anchor! It also comes wrapped in my standard label, an attractive and informative paper wrapper, as seen on the last picture.  To prolong the life of your bar of soap, simply keep it out of a puddle of water and in a well-draining soap dish.
Net weight is approximately 4 ounces.