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a white box with a cutout shows a creamy white bar of soap
close up of a creamy white bar of soap

Shampoo Bars

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Our same 100% vegetable oil soap recipe with the addition of Avocado Oil (luxurious) and Castor Oil (helps make extra big, thick bubbles and lather to carry dirt and oils away from your hair).    As with our other bars, our shampoo bars contain no animal fats, no synthetic oils, no detergents, and no chemical preservatives. 
 Great for travel!  This solid bar means you will never have a leaking shampoo bottle in your bag again!
Easy to use:  Simply wet hair, then turn the bar over in your wet hands a few times to make a lather and apply.   Wash hair and rinse.  That's it!  You can also rub it directly on your hair, this works great for shorter hair.
As with my other soap bars, keep bars dry and out of a puddle of water to prolong the life of the soaps. 
 Shampoo bars come packaged in the crisp, white boxes with a colorful, informative label as seen in this photo.  Bars are approximately 4 ounces.