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an off white bar of soap with green swirls sits in a wood soap dish surrounded by pine boughs
close up of an off white bar of soap with green swirls
a bar of soap with a paper soap label that has blue anchors on it sits in a blue glass soap dish

Bayberry Cottage

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For the Holiday Season and by special customer request.
Bayberry Cottage is a smooth, subtle evergreen-sweet blend with spice and a bit of clove. An old fashioned, winter, Holiday favorite.  AND I have a ton of Bayberry growing in front of my little cottage here in Harpswell!  I pinch a bit and give a sniff every time I go to the mailbox.
 Here is a bit about the Bayberry:
Bayberry is a small waxy berry that grows in shrubby thickets in the woods along the North Atlantic coast. In fact, I have some that line the front of my yard here in Coastal Harpswell!  In colonial times, just after the first heavy frost, settlers harvested the berries, boiled them, and used their wax to make aromatic candles.  Now, Bayberry's sweet blend of spice and balsam is synonymous with the season.
This soap comes wrapped in an attractive and informative paper wrapper, as seen on the third picture.  To prolong the life of your bar of soap, simply keep it out of a puddle of water and in a well draining soap dish.
Net weight is approximately 4 ounces.