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a rectangular soap dish made up of 3 pieces of wood with a bar of soap

Wood Soap Dishes

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I finally found some USA made, quality wood soap dishes! Some would call this a soap deck...you can use it in tandem with your own soap dish. This raises the soap up out of a dish/puddle of water.  You can use it alone or with something under it.

Made, by hand, over in beautiful Oregon by Chris in his wood shop.

This listing is for one single, natural, unfinished, red or white oak soap deck/dish.  And the ultimate in re-using, these are made entirely from mill end scraps that would have otherwise been thrown out.

The soap dish measure approximately 3 inches by 4.125 inches by .75 inches thick.  This dish has been meticulously hand sanded on all surfaces, edges and corners. Each top plank on the dish has been rounded over, making it very aesthetically pleasing to look at. The rounded over top planks also allows water to quickly drain completely through the dish and away from your soap so the soap lasts longer. 
This dish has been carefully assembled with a professional strength waterproof superglue that should not come apart...even after prolonged water exposure and penetration.

 This soap dish has been left all natural with no surface coats of any type. It can be used as is or you can apply a mineral oil of your choice.