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Markets / Fairs + Retail Locations

RETAIL LOCATIONS Casco Bay Soap Co. soaps are available in the following locations. Not all my products are carried by all retailer partners. Please contact stores to find out which product is available and in stock.   In Maine (moving up the coast South to North...)

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About Shannon

I started making hand made, old fashioned, small batch, artisan soap in 2005 simply as a hobby. My husband and I moved to Maine a few years prior and my life changed a bit. After leaving my corporate career behind (I was a Senior Photos Stylist for a catalog) ...

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How My Soap Is Made

I have many customers ask, "How do you make soap"? I have included some basic information for you here.I make my soap the old fashion way, similar to how your grandparents may have made it on the farm or homestead.  My Grandpa Ben was a poor farm boy in Oklahoma and he and his brother helped my Great Grandmother make soap for washing and cleaning around the house.  I would like to think that I am continuing with old fashioned, traditional, family work and culture.

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